Friday, November 19, 2010

Gas Tank - Pencil Sketch

Just a pencil sketch for a style I would like to gold leaf and paint on a gas tank.. It´s a mix of Norwegian rose painting and what I call McCann style.. Jeff McCann is an awesome artist which have painted, pinstriped and leafed bikes for a lot of great motorcycle builders such as Arlen Ness, Battistinis, Bob Munroe and a lot of others, including him self for 40 years.. I have got a lot of inspiration from that guy! He also sent me two of his favourite pinstriping brushes, which is Mack Series 10 #00, so he´s also the reason I started with this.


  1. Really great design!
    Can`t wait for the end result.


  2. That´s just wicked, awesome skills man!!

  3. just great!


    bravo man..
    u r an artist!!