Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Metal Engraving - Brass fender

Here is the back fender I tried to engrave with my Steve Lindsay Nitro G20 Airgraver.. it´s fun, but has a lot to learn :-) My friend Gert at Hicks Syndicate, likes it "old" so the shiny brass look, got really quick an older look.. he just can´t let it be hehe

Monday, December 1, 2014

Pinstriping - Titty Bar Hopper

Here is my good friend Gert from Hicks Syndicate with his shop car I pinstriped and painted the logo on the door and the text on the back "God loves them, and the devil´s ride them", and his "Titty Bar Hopper" bobber which I only did some touch up pinstriping on the gas tank and engraved his brass back fender.. He built the bike and painted it him self.. The picture is from Oslo Motor Show this year.. the engine tops have one panhead top and one shovelhead top..