Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Chopper Seat Project..

The seat from this cool, old skool chopper is on the way in the mail for me to make a new custom leather seat with a motive inspired by the old Norwegian Viking Mythology.. Looking forwared to work on Lisbet´s bike!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gas Tank - Pencil Sketch

Just a pencil sketch for a style I would like to gold leaf and paint on a gas tank.. It´s a mix of Norwegian rose painting and what I call McCann style.. Jeff McCann is an awesome artist which have painted, pinstriped and leafed bikes for a lot of great motorcycle builders such as Arlen Ness, Battistinis, Bob Munroe and a lot of others, including him self for 40 years.. I have got a lot of inspiration from that guy! He also sent me two of his favourite pinstriping brushes, which is Mack Series 10 #00, so he´s also the reason I started with this.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Bullet Bobber

A couple of  professional photo of the Bullet Bobber taken by Johan Soderstom with a Norwegian model, at Oslo Motor Show 2010. The bike won the jury´s choice.. which I guess I have said a few times now.. :-) but I´m pretty proud to have been a part of it.

The bike is built by Knut Olav Dybsjord on a Redneck Eng. frame.. 140 HP S&S engine. The ground paint is done by Kristian Sabel and Pinstriping and Leather is done by me.. which you dont see much of at this pic.. :-) But it´s done..

There will also be another pro photographer that will do a photo shoot with this bike and use a Swedish model, named Frida which appears on a few shots which I took at Elmia, Custom Motor Show earlier this year , to see if we can get it in an American biker magazine.. would have been pretty cool.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodies from Coast Airbrush

Just got a lot of goodies from Coast Airbrush. I was recommended that store from a friend and are so very satisfied with their service .. Most of the brushes I have never tested and most of it is very hard to get over here in Norway.. Very exited to check them out :-)

Blue Squirrel/Black Synthetic Mix Quill
Blue Squirrel/Black Synthetic Mix Quill
#1 Brown pencil lettering brush
Mack Lettering Quill
Mack Series 10 Original Pinstriping Brush
Mack Sword Striper 20 Series 00
Mack Series 30 #00
Alan Johnson Extreme Liner #0
Alan Johnson Extreme Liner #1
Alan Johnson Extreme Liner #1
Jensen Swirly Q #2
Mike Lavallee #8 Shader
Hannukaine Quill Graduated
John Hannukaine Quill XL
Wizard Typhoon Striping Brush Size #1
Scrolling/Script Brush The Virus
Scrolling Script Brush
444 The Virus Scrolling/Script #2
Tidwell 6 Brush Set
840 Outliner 4/0 (1")

From Brunei to Norway.. and back!

This Indian Larry gas tank is just shipped with DHL all the way from Brunei in Asia to Oslo in Norway for me to put some gold leaf and pinstriping on it.. and ship it back. The owner wanted me to do it, even tho I told him it might be cheaper for him to find someone near by.. but I´m honored and very proud that he really wanted my work on his Harley Davidson, and I like the fact that I have done some work on a Harley Davidson that runs on the other side of the world.. I´m very exited and are looking forward to work on Mr. Yazid´s bike!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Jury´s choice at Oslo Motor Show 2010

The Bullet Bobber which I pinstriped and made the leather seat for with pinstriping motive won the jury´s choice at Oslo Motor Show 2010. I´m proud to be a part of the result on how the bike came out.. There was a lot of cool bikes there and the competition was good! The bike is built by Knut Olav Dybsjord and painted by Kristian Sabel at KS Custom Paint. Pinstriping, lettering and leather is by me..