Monday, November 8, 2010

From Brunei to Norway.. and back!

This Indian Larry gas tank is just shipped with DHL all the way from Brunei in Asia to Oslo in Norway for me to put some gold leaf and pinstriping on it.. and ship it back. The owner wanted me to do it, even tho I told him it might be cheaper for him to find someone near by.. but I´m honored and very proud that he really wanted my work on his Harley Davidson, and I like the fact that I have done some work on a Harley Davidson that runs on the other side of the world.. I´m very exited and are looking forward to work on Mr. Yazid´s bike!


  1. This is a very cool thing, I wish a lot of work in all over the world. Congratulations!

  2. Yea, very cool! It´s already arrived into Norway, so I´ll get it any day now I guess.. unless there will be some customs problems. I should not pay tax for it since it´s not mine and will be shipped out of the country again soon..

  3. Man, they have started to send you shit from the other side of the world! You are defiantly getting your name out there and people are recognizing your quality, and you defiantly deserve it from what I can see!