Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodies from Coast Airbrush

Just got a lot of goodies from Coast Airbrush. I was recommended that store from a friend and are so very satisfied with their service .. Most of the brushes I have never tested and most of it is very hard to get over here in Norway.. Very exited to check them out :-)

Blue Squirrel/Black Synthetic Mix Quill
Blue Squirrel/Black Synthetic Mix Quill
#1 Brown pencil lettering brush
Mack Lettering Quill
Mack Series 10 Original Pinstriping Brush
Mack Sword Striper 20 Series 00
Mack Series 30 #00
Alan Johnson Extreme Liner #0
Alan Johnson Extreme Liner #1
Alan Johnson Extreme Liner #1
Jensen Swirly Q #2
Mike Lavallee #8 Shader
Hannukaine Quill Graduated
John Hannukaine Quill XL
Wizard Typhoon Striping Brush Size #1
Scrolling/Script Brush The Virus
Scrolling Script Brush
444 The Virus Scrolling/Script #2
Tidwell 6 Brush Set
840 Outliner 4/0 (1")


  1. I've been a really big fan of the Tidwell brushes for general use. Good control and clean up easy. I'm jealous of some of your other scores!

  2. Thanks! I´m very exited to check them out, especially the Alan Johnson Extreme Liner..

  3. All good reasons to be exited about the Alan Johnson brushes! My favorite outline brush!

  4. I get close to filing for bankruptcy every time I shop there....the place is bad ass!! Nice paint skills you've got by the way!!