Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roadtrip - Oslo - Trondheim - Oslo

From our roadtrip May 2009. We started from Bærum, just outside Oslo about 10 AM. Then we was on our way to Trondheim and Bike Fest and back to Oslo again in one weekend. All together we was on the hardtail bikes for 745 US Miles (120 Mil) Used about 12 houres to Trondheim and about 14 Houres back again... There are also an article in the latest issue of Biker Journalen from our roadtrip.. More info on the motorcycles can be found at Redneck Bikes Norway.

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  1. What a beautiful landscape to ride those custom and rigid Harley Davidsons! Never been to Norway, but it looks like you guys have a fantastic time, and cool to see that you take the time to ride those bikes too, and not only making them pretty! Keep up your amazing work, and you will get very far!