Sunday, April 10, 2011

Leather - Motorcycle Seat

Finished yet another custom leather seat today.. this one was a bit tricky, since the back fender is attached to the "tale" and the seat are "resting" on the back fender as it would on a hardtail..


  1. Do you use an industrial strength sewing machine?
    Very nice job and the color is very nice too.

  2. Very good looking seat. I just realized the other day when out for a ride how crazy you can go with your upholstery. I met a guy with a 70s brown floral pattern under his duff. It was completely awesome. This is a bit more subdued, but still really good looking.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  3. @ Maiden Leather, Right now I am sewing by hand, but I have just purchased a couple of industrial sewing machines, but have not tested any of them yet.. one Pfaff and one Dürkopp Adler :-)

    @ Brady pretty much no limits :- )