Monday, August 8, 2011

Singer 29k-4 Cobbler for Leatherwork

Got my self yet another Singer 29k sewing machine I´m thinking to use for some leatherwork.. the other one is a Singer 29k-3, and now a 29k-4.. the other one skipped a stitch here and there, oh and guess what, so does this, obviously a common issue.. hmm, that´s the back draw of buying unseen, but I got it pretty cheap tho.

It is pretty cool exept the stitch skipping. I just found out that can be fixed by replacing some small gears, so now I just need to find out what gears, where to get them or who can do it for me..

I like them original with the gold scrolls and stuff on them, but this is repainted black, so I guess it could be cool to pinstripe and gold leaf it since it´s already unoriginal..


  1. Damn that is so cool - ANOTHER one you say - I do not have even one, I will be on the lookout for one I hope I do not have the skip stitch issue but sounds like it would be like winning the lottery if I found one that didn't . Thanks for sharing!

  2. The stitch skipping is a big issue on these machines, but it can be fixed and there are a few tricks to try to avoid it, but.. make sure to try the machine out first. Sewing on thin leather is no problem, but it happens to skip a few here and there on heavier leather.. :-)

  3. whats the price on this 29 k's ??