Saturday, January 9, 2010

Marius Mellebye - Music

After three long years without even touching my musical equipment, I met this very special person which really inspired me a lot in many different ways. Because of that I finally started creating music again.. I don´t have a record deal in my pocket this time, so no cynical producers, greedy lawyers or monkey business for now.. just music and composing whatever I feel like and for whoever which inspires me..

Feel free to leave a comment or some constructive criticism.. Would love to hear what you think!


  1. What a multitalent you are! Absolutely amazing :)

  2. It's amazing what inspiering people can do with your creative skills, how they can make you feel allive and kicking! Your music is very filmatic with a lot of emotions, obviously for that inspierig person. Love your artwork as well, especially your leatherwork, which I have never seen anything like your dye skills, it's just fantastic! And ofcourse your pinstriping. You are a true artist! Keep it going!