Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bullet Bobber Progress

Frame is finished and looks pretty perfect..

Mixing and testing some colors for some details on the Bullet Bobber gas tank.. Without reveling much of the finished result, which will be reveeled and shown for the first time at Oslo Motor Show on the end of Octobre..

This post is published from my iPhone as we work on the bike.. under you can see a 180 degrees photo of the garage we work in.. stitched together with the iPhone app AutoStitch..



  1. Hey Marius coooool work brother, when I saw the title Bullet Bobber I thought Enfield, but not in that frame.

  2. Thanks a lot mate! This bike will be built with two engines.. One 140 HP S&S and one stock Harley Davidson.. One for show and one for getting license plates.. :-)