Friday, September 24, 2010

Chopper For Sale

My good friend Gert is selling his chopper, which I pinstriped before it was shown at Elmia - Custom Motor Show, easter 2009.. It´s for sale for about 335.000 Nok, or $56.600.. Yeap.. it´s a cheap chountry, dont you think?! This bike is really awesome and runs very well.. it´s built by Knut Olav at Redneck Bikes Norway about a year ago. The reason for selling it, it´s becaus Gert will start to build a new project.. The bike can also be seen at CBP which is selling the bike for Gert.. if I could afford it I would have bought it right away.. it´s awesome!! Interested? Send me an email and I´ll give you the sellers info..

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